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Candles, Crumbles and Autumn Magick - Tips For Finding Joy This Season

“Autumn embraces change, even as she is falling to pieces.”

Angie Weiland-Crosby

Autumn’s beauty on a physical level is quite obvious – the beautiful colours of the changing foliage, rusts, reds and golden browns – it is truly a sight to behold. The weather cools enough to wear that favourite comfy jumper, but has not quite reached the freezing levels of winter, and the thought of cosying up with some candles and a homecooked crumble feels pretty exciting.

But what can we take from Autumn on a spiritual level?

For me, I think of embracing change – the leaves in Autumn show us that although they are changing, and eventually dying, they are still beautiful. And due to the wonderful, cyclical nature of Mother Earth, we know it isn’t forever – they will die, be absorbed into the earth and eventually grow again.

This time of year, pagans celebrate the Sabbat of Mabon, and historically it was a fruit and vegetable harvest festival, where farmers would harvest an abundance of pumpkins, gourds and apples. Gratitude for the wonderful harvest would play a significant part of the celebrations. Although we may not have a harvest of delicious homegrown fruit and vegetables ourselves (although if you do, I’m jealous!), we can extend this gratitude to other areas of our lives. After all, gratitude is such a corner stone of self care, and should never be under estimated.

Here are a few ideas for self care that I will be trying this Autumn season:

  • Keep a gratitude journal – this doesn’t have to be long and arduous, just three things you are grateful for each day. Keep it up and see how it lifts your mood and vibration.

  • Take a walk in nature – an obvious one, but never to be underestimated. Just a short, daily walk can work wonders, however, if you are fortunate enough to nab a couple of hours of glorious self care time, why not make your Autumn walk an occasion? Pick a specific location that you know is going to be abundant with beautiful trees and foliage, to really absorb that Autumnal goodness. Take a flask of your favourite hot drink, and a comforting snack, and find a quiet spot to enjoy your refreshments (there’s nothing like warming your hands on a hot flask on a cold day!) Be mindful of your surroundings – the smells, the sights, the sounds – and be present in your beautiful moment.

  • Cook up some Autumnal kitchen magick – many witches believe in the power of kitchen magick – following a recipe as if it were a spell, choosing ingredients based on their spiritual and health benefits, and putting intentions into their creations. Many ingredients in Autumn recipes have fabulously beneficial properties. I found a recipe for this delicious vegan ginger loaf cake which I am excited to try. Ginger is said to have many magickal properties – increasing energy, personal power and bringing good luck. It also has a list of health benefits, such as helping with nausea, digestive issues, and cholesterol, as well as being antibacterial and antiviral. Why not have a go at some Autumn baking, and infusing your creation with your own intention? Think about what you would like to bring into your life, put that into your bake, and then manifest while enjoying a slice when it’s finished.

  • Clear out the clutter – this can apply on a mental and physical level. What do you want to let go of in your life? Are there things that are causing you ‘mental clutter’, that are holding you back, or no longer bringing you joy? Write them down in your journal, and bring them to your awareness. This is also a great time to have a declutter in your home; are there things in there that no longer bring you joy, too? Maybe pick a room to clear out, or if that feels too overwhelming, just a drawer or a cupboard. This time of year I do enjoy getting my warmer clothes down from the loft, and having a sort out, getting rid of items I no longer want, saying farewell to my summer clothing, and a very excited welcome back to my cosy jumpers and boots! (I’m sad, I know.) After all, it is only by clearing out the old ‘stuff’ in our lives that we are able to make room for the new (and often more exciting!) stuff to enter.

Do you have any favourite Autumn activites?

Let me know if you try any of these self care tips (candle and crumble optional). I would love to hear your thoughts.

Much love.

Chelle x

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