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Hygge Baby Massage @ The Hygge Hub

A parent and baby class with a difference.

What is hygge? And what does it have to do with babies?!

I recently completed my baby massage training, and whilst in the process of preparing and planning for my classes, I came across the Hygge Practitioner course. It sounded amazing, and was specifically tailored towards those facilitating parent and baby classes. The more I started to find out about hygge, the more I fell in love with it!

So what exactly is hygge? 

Hygge is Danish and Norwegian in origin, and is now a core aspect of Danish culture. It can be roughly translated at 'cosiness' and 'togetherness', but it is so much more than that. It is about community, appreciating the small things in life, mindfulness and being present, as well as celebrating the seasons and embracing nature. 

At the Hygge Baby Massage class, we will be incorporating all of these aspects of hygge, alongside learning a beautiful full body massage routine for your baby. Baby massage has all the usual benefits of massage, but with the added bonus of encouraging the crucial carer/baby attachment bond. To find out how important this early attachment bond is, click here.

Classes will be held at my treatment space in the centre of Littleborough, and groups are small in size for an intimate and cosy atmosphere.

Hygge Baby Massage: About Us
Hygge Baby Massage: Welcome

The hygge experience will not just end with your class - you will be given resources to help you create hygge at home with your baby, as well as a small gift bag for every parent to take away. 
Classes are 1 hour long, with time for tea and biscuits at the end.
Cost is £6 per class.
Get in touch to find out when the next class is running.

Hygge Baby Massage: About Us
Image by Stella Rose
Hygge Baby Massage: Welcome
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