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About The Hygge Hub


From November 2019 I worked as a beauty and holistic therapist from a summer house in my garden. I loved the convenience of having my workspace at home while my children were younger, and my treatment room was small but cosy.

In December 2021, I began teaching accredited holistic therapy courses, working within the wonderful  Aurorastar Holistic Therapies and Training. I absolutely love teaching, and am passionate about helping others gain new skills, in a friendly, nurturing environment. Teaching is 1:1 or in small groups, and always involves tea and biscuits (something else I am quite passionate about!)

In 2022, I qualified as a baby massage instructor, as well as a hygge practitioner (which is where my love for all things hygge started!) These new skills and my passion for community groups, made me feel like I needed a way to combine all of my skills and passions into one.

That is how The Hygge Hub was born!

I have always had a love for community groups and workshops - that magical feeling of learning new skills, meeting new people and the comfort of shared experiences. 

I also have a particular interest in stress and anxiety reduction, mental wellbeing and women’s health, whether that's from conception, pregnancy, parenthood or menopause, I can offer support for any stage of life.

My aim is to bring all of those wonderful things together - community groups, teaching, workshops, women's health and holistic therapies - and infuse them with the spirit of hygge.

I like to think of my business as an extension of my life, and therefore my beliefs and values are carried over into my work. As a result, all of the products I use at The Hygge Hub are 100% vegan and cruelty free, and my facial products are organic, and Soil Association approved.

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What Is Hygge?

Hygge (pronounced 'hue - guh' or 'hue - gah') is Danish and Norwegian in origin, and is now a core aspect of Danish culture. It can be roughly translated at 'cosiness' and 'togetherness', but it is so much more than that. It is about community, appreciating the small things in life, mindfulness and being present, as well as celebrating the seasons and embracing nature. 

At The Hygge Hub, I wanted to bring all of these elements together, create a place of relaxation and comfort, learning and nurturing, and safety and togetherness.

If you have any suggestions for workshops or groups that you would like to see at The Hygge Hub, or are interested in renting the space, please get in touch. 

Image by Julian Hochgesang
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